Enable Flow button on D365 Ribbon

This is a pretty simple tweak to either show or hide the Flow button on the entity Forms’ Ribbon.


Flow Button Not Visible


System Settings

Navigate to Settings > Administration. Go to System Settings

In System Settings, under Customization tab, look for Enable Microsoft Flow option.

You’ll be asked for permission

Now, this is turned on

Flow Button Visible

Now, once you have enabled this setting, you’ll be able to see the Flow button on the View and Form ribbons across Dynamics 365 CE

That was quick!!


10 thoughts on “Enable Flow button on D365 Ribbon

  1. Hey, thank you for this Blog.
    I am using Dynamics 365 on Premise, V9.0.10.11.
    I want to disable this Button, since it came with one of the last updates per default; however there is not such an option in my System Settings Dialogue. The Screen ends with the TraceLog-Settings – i guess this option will only be available to set in 9.1.x
    How can i still disable this button? It is not available in the Ribbon Workbench. Is it possible to set this in the Database somewhere?


    • Oh, the only thing I was going to suggest is from Ribbon Workbench but since you explored already. I guess you’ll need to wait until 9.1.x. I’m not pretty sure about the on-premise side of things though.


    • Hi, you can only add Flows which are from the Old (Grey colored) Dataverse connector with the ‘On Select Of a Record’ trigger as shown in the post and not any other Flow unfortunately


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