Additional columns in PSA v3 Schedule view

A simple and most common questions asked are if we can add more columns to the Schedule view in D365 Project Service Automation v3. Well, yes! And it’s pretty simple too.
So, out-of-the-box, this is what you see on the Schedule view

Adding Field to the Schedule Control

  1. PSA v3 out-of-the-box has all these custom controls put up on the Project form. So for Schedule, the custom control used is cc_ProjectTaskControl
  2. Now, notice that the CC_ProjectTaskControl uses AdditionalColumns in the Property as seen in the screenshot above. Let’s go to that View in D365.
    So, under Project Task entity, look for the AdditionaColumns view –
  3. Let’s say you have a custom field called Task Code that you want to add to the view, add it like you would add to any other view in Dynamics CRM.
  4. And alongside Category, you’ll see your extra field. Publish the changes.

Field on Schedule

Now, by default, the field will appear in the Schedule View – However, if it doesn’t render correctly, try refreshing the page once more –


Glitch I found

Once I manually hid the extra column I added, I could see the it should go to the Add Column column, the last one. However, I see that it doesn’t render the name of the column you added correctly and shows something like this –


Additionally, if you hide the column and refresh the page again, it doesn’t save the last state as it. It’ll show your column again, and in compressed form
Hope this quick tip helps!!

14 thoughts on “Additional columns in PSA v3 Schedule view

  1. i try to add a text field called “Remark” in the additional column view. it shows in the schedule view. But when i update the value in the “Remark” fields, after refresh, the value is gone. That means i cannot update value in “Remark” field.


    • Hi Claire, Yes. Unfortunately, it isn’t a reliable customization. Hence, I mentioned the same in last section. It removes the entire column and hence, isn’t a reliable config. I use it to quickly refer to a custom column myself.


  2. Hi Tried to implement this for my project, as per requirement but should not be used.

    Found in MS partner yammer discussion (response by Microsoft). “Thanks for bringing this to our attention. This is a bug and not an experience we plan to support on the near term backlog.”


    • Correct. I had a word too on Yammer and was told by PSA Product Team that there will be no further investments on this. However, a quick feature if you want to glance at a field on the Schedule view. I wouldn’t recommend using this personally as it is not consistent.


      • That’s hard now! I need to achieve this, can you share any workaround for same? Can MS support help here?


      • I don’t think MS Support would help since PSA is going away and Proj Ops is the new product. I haven’t tried yet. I’ll update this post once I’m able to try it out


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