BPF Flow Step as a Trigger in CDS (Current Environment) connector | Power Automate

Here’s an update to the Common Data Service (Current Environment) connector in Power Automate

Remember, this is available only in Common Data Service (Current Environment) connector i.e. you’ll need to create you Flow inside a Solution in Power Automate

Flow Step

Now, you can call your Flow from a Business Process Flow, which existed for some time. But now, it’s available as a trigger in the Common Data Service (Current Environment)

Flow & BPF Setup

  1. Now, my Flow is kept simple to illustrate what has been triggered. The first step simple is run When a flow step is executed.
    It starts with a simple Instant Flow like template if you want to have an additional input
    And then you can use these in the context further. But I’ll keep it simple assuming you are familiar with trigger inputs.
  2. Then, you get the details that you can use from the trigger.
  3. And I’m simply passing on the values over to an email so that I can read it. You application could be anything. Typically, it could be a complex business process in a Flow to trigger when a Flow Step is triggered.
  4. Now, in my Business Process Flow Step, I’ve added a Flow Step (Preview), mind that this is still in Preview as of writing this post.
  5. And select the Flow I’ve intended for this.

Running the Flow

Now, here’s how it goes –

  1. I’ve called the Flow from the Flow Step
  2. It’ll ask for confirmation of the Flow in a window
  3. Once all the permissions are set, depending on what’s needed in the Flow, you’ll be asked for a confirmation
  4. Once completed, you can check in Flow Runs about what happened to the execution of the Flow


So here are some results I composed from the data of the BPF itself-

And that’s it!

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Hope this helps!!


4 thoughts on “BPF Flow Step as a Trigger in CDS (Current Environment) connector | Power Automate

  1. Hey, great blog. But when I added the “When a flow step is executed” as the flow trigger, I get the following error “Operation FlowStepRun was not found in swagger”. Any ideas?


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