Change the Unified Interface App Icons

Default App Icons for typical D365 environment look like these.


But here’s what you can do to change these to put custom SVG icons.

SVG Icons

Regardless of dimensions, SVG icons work everywhere. So why keep them to just Ribbons, you can even change your App Icons to SVG Icons in your Dynamics 365 implementation.

  1. Make Web Resource for your SVG Icon.
  2. Open your Model Driven App in Dynamics 365 Solution. In the App Designer, go to Properties of the App itself and look for the drop-down above App Tile.
  3. Select your SVG Icon and Publish the same
  4. And you’re set!

Hope this helps!



8 thoughts on “Change the Unified Interface App Icons

  1. Is there a way to control the icons that are in the lookup list of icons?

    Can the same be done for the icons inside the app? Say i want to change the icon for the Account and Contact.


    • Yes absolutely, You’ll need to change this from the App Designer for that entity. Click on the Entity inside the App Designer and you have the option to update Icons for the same as well. You’ll need SVG icons to upload.


      • Yes, personally, I go for other generic SVGs for common icons. I try to convince the users that a slightly different version of the current icon will make it look a little more modern. 🙂


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