Use New Scheduled Board for Dynamics 365 Field Service | Personal and Org Level

Now, the New Schedule Board is now in GA. And here’s how you can turn it on for yourself.

Here’s the old one which you have –

Enable New Schedule Board for Yourself

Here’s how you enable the new Schedule Board for Dynamics 365 Field Service

  1. Navigate to the Schedule Board itself like you would do generally. And you’ll find the New Schedule Board button to turn on.

  2. And in a moment, the new Schedule Board is available to you.
    Note that this is only available to you and not for others.

  3. Everyone else will continue to see the old board unless they turn it on themselves.

Enable New Schedule Board for your Org

Now, if you have only enabled the Schedule Board for yourself and after you found it useful and exciting, here’s how you can enable it for the Org as well which is turned off by default –

  1. Navigate to the Resource Scheduling App in your D365 Field Service environment.

  2. In the Resource Scheduling App, you’ll change the Area to Settings as shown in the bottom and then, go to Administration and look for Scheduling Parameters.

  3. Here, you’ll find the setting to turn on the New Schedule Board which is turned off by Default.

  4. You can turn it on and Save the record itself.

  5. After it is turned on, all the Users will see the new Scheduled Board. Also, no will see the toggle to turn it off for themselves since you turned it On for the entire Org.
    The button to toggle between Old and New Schedule Board will be missing.

Here’s the official Microsoft Documentation on the new Schedule Board –

Hope this helps!

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