Refresh Invoice Line Transactions for Actuals in Project Operations Invoices | Project Operations [Quick Tip]

Here’s how you can add Missed Time Entries in Time and Material types of Invoices to be Included in the Invoice after it has been created


Let’s consider this common scenario –

  1. Assume there is 1 Time Entry that have been Billed on the Invoice. The current state of the Invoice is Draft.

  2. If I zoom and show, this Time Entry is worth $170 for 2 hours.

    Which is based on this “Unbilled Sales Actual record on the T&M Project associated with this Invoice’s Project Contract

  3. Now, let’s consider this scenario where you realize 1 hour worth of Time Entry more needs to be also added to the already created Invoice.
    Here’s the Actual for the same.
    And, the Ready to Invoice on this Actual was performed “after” the Invoice is created.

    So, the Invoice is supposed to be $170 + $85 = $255.
    But the Invoice is already created, right?
    Let’s see what we can do here!

Refresh Invoice Lines on Draft Invoices

You’ll see this on a Draft Proforma Invoice on the Invoice record in Project Operations

  1. On your Draft Invoice, look for Refresh Invoice Line Transactions.

  2. It takes a few moments and your Invoice Transaction Lines included will be refreshed to show the reconsidered values.

  3. Now, here’s when this works –
    1. When any Actuals have been marked as Ready To Invoice after the Draft Invoice is generated. The Actuals must fall within the Invoice Schedule set on the Project Contract to which the Project is tied.
    2. When the Invoice is still in Draft state.

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Sign up for a Dynamics 365 Project Operations (Lite Deployment) environment and provision a new instance | Power Platform

Unlike other Dynamics 365 Trial instances sign up process which is from, Project Operations are requested and provisioned in a different way as of early 2021.

Let me walk you through how you can provision a Dynamics 365 Project Operations Trial (Lite Deployment) on a brand new instance/tenant.

Selecting a Deployment Type

Here are Microsoft Docs links to help you understand the different Deployment types –

To summarize –

Project Operations Lite Deployment is the CE only deployment meaning it does not connect to Finance & Operations for the full-fledged stocked/non-stocked scenarios talked about in the above MS Docs.

Dynamics 365 Project Operations


It takes about 2-3 days for the Email to appear in your Mailbox.

  1. Below is how it looks like.

  2. There are 3 links in the Email. You’ll need to provision for the below 2 links –
    1. Office 365 Project Operations – Preview [Required]
    2. Dynamics 365 Project Operations (CRM) – Trial [Required]
    3. Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations Trial


I’ve created a YouTube video to summarize Sign Up and Provisioning of the Project Operations Lite deployment

Hope this was helpful!

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