Change Booking Status colors on Schedule Board for Field Service/PSA [Quick Tip]

Here’s a Quick Tip for everyone using Field Service and Project Service Automation. In case you are wondering how can you change the colors of the Booking Statuses on the Schedule Board for Field Service and PSA, here’s what you need to do.

Default Colors

This what your default Schedule Board looks like out-of-the-box.

Booking Statuses

Booking Status is an entity within which you can set this up.
You can navigate to Booking Statuses entity in your Field Service like below

There are these records you can modify. Also, for PSA, you have the same entity with different records for Booking Statuses
But, let’s look at Field Service’s example –

Now in each record, you can see in Common tab

And you can change by selecting this color picker control

And save the new selected color.

And let’s change for Completed as well, just another example – changed for Completed also to a greenish shade

Updated Colors

Now let’s look at the updated Schedule Board of how these colors look.

Hope this quick tip helps!

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