Environment Assignment settings in Power Platform Admin Center

Environment Assignments and who should be able to create what types of Dynamics 365 CRM / CE / Dataverse environments can now be easily controlled.

You can either let everyone create a certain Type of environment or only enable Admin groups to create environments in Power Platform Admin Center! Let’s see how.

Restricting Users from Creating Environments

You can now restrict which types of Environments are allowed to be created for the type of audience in your tenant –

  1. If you are one of the Global Admins, Power Platform Admins, you have access to the Power Platform Admin Center settings (https://admin.powerplatform.microsoft.com/tenantsettings)
    And you’ll see the below types of Environment Assignments available for you to tweak
    Developer environment
    Production environment
    Trial environment
    Add-on capacity

  2. And in this example, let review and modify the settings for Production types of instances and who should be able to create this environments.
    Every type of assignment will have the below 2 options –
    Only specific admins (Global Admins, Power Platform Service Admins & Delegated Admins)
    Reference Link: https://learn.microsoft.com/en-gb/power-platform/admin/control-environment-creation?WT.mc_id=ppac_inproduct_settings?WT.mc_id=DX-MVP-5003911

  3. Once your preferences are set, just click on Save and the settings will be applied. Let’s see in the next section how this works.

Restriction Imposed

Here’s how a User will be restricted when they try to create the Types of environments when they are not part of the Admin Groups –

  1. Although, every user will get an option to Create using the Create button and select a Type of environment. When a User selects a Type, in this case Production

  2. And when they click Next, and enter further details in order to create the environment, they’ll see this error message.

  3. And to validate, you can look at the Roles in Microsoft 365 Admin Center under Users as to what Roles they have been assigned with.

Hope this helps!


Exchange Online Mailbox License Error | Exception Missing Exchange License

In case you are setting up your M365 and setting up Exchange Online in the process, your Email URL is: https://outlook.office365.com/mail/

But, you see the below error which reads as

err: Microsoft.Exchange.Clients.Owa2.Server.Core.OwaUserHasNoMailboxAndNoLicenseAssignedException

No License Exception

Here’s why you see the Exception.

  1. If you open the User record in the Microsoft 365 Admin Portal, you’ll see that Microsoft Exchange Service is not seen in the list of Services.

  2. Now, let’s procure a trial for Exchange Online or any of the E3 / E5 plans which you plan to purchase based on your requirements. They have Exchange Online services available which will enable your Exchange Online mailbox.
    In this example, I’ll start a trial because I don’t want to buy for Enterprise purposes for the sake of this example.

  3. Now, once I started this trail. And if you see the comparison chart above, you could even opt for other licenses that offer Exchange Online – say, Office 365 E3
    Now, I can see that this license is available for me to assign to the user.

  4. And when I select the above license, I will see the Service available in the list as well.

  5. Save your licensing changes / preferences and let 5-10 mins pass for the services to be applied to the User.
    And once you reload/refresh the Outlook web app, your mailbox will be available or retained (if it was expired on an existing license.)

Hope this helps!