Show Ribbon button only on record selection in Dynamics CRM

One of the most common asks is to show ribbon buttons to only be shown when at least 1 record in Dynamics 365 ribbon button are selected.

Here’s how you can do it –

Enable Rule in Ribbon Workbench

This can be achieved using Enable Rule for the button you wish to show on selection using Ribbon Workbench.

Let’s say your button ‘Promote’ (in this case) is on the Main View of the Account entity. You can add the following Enable Rule to the command –

And in the actual Enable Rule, you can select the SelectionCountRule to make this happen. You can set the minimum value to 1 so that it appears when at least 1 record is selected.


Now, if you see – By default, the button is hidden –

Now, as you can see, only when at least 1 record from the view is selected, the button is visible.

In case you are looking to hide a custom button, check this post – Hide Custom Ribbon Button [Easy Way] – Ribbon Workbench

Hope this helps!!


4 thoughts on “Show Ribbon button only on record selection in Dynamics CRM

  1. Hi this is very good and useful for us and also we have one more issue. In Queue entity whenever pick the records one pop-up message is showing we need to hide that pop-up.

    Can you please suggest and help us.

    Thanks for your support…..


    • Hi Thirupathi, can you elaborate where you see this and what is the message about? Since Queue is a system entity, it’s behavior could be different than a usual business entity. Also, pop-up could be something that is triggered from Microsoft’s end and not that we can control. But it depends on what you elaborate.


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