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When you users report of an issue and you need some time to look into it but can’t hold the users, you just want to restore to a previous version for the time being.

Here’s how you can restore/revert to an older version of the Canvas App you’ve deployed.

Current Version

Let’s say my current version had a button called Profile under the label Accounts. But in the new version, I had moved it and now want to restore the previous one for some reason.


This previous version is what I want to restore to.


Restore & Publish

Here’s how you can Restore it.

  1. Navigate to Save, and go to See All Versions

  2. Now, you’ll come to all the versions of the App existing. The current one will have the status of Live. Click on the three ellipses of the old version of App you wish to restore and you’ll see an option to Restore

  3. It’ll ask for a confirmation. Remember, the new version will be 1 version higher that the current Live version. In this case, it’ll be version 18 to be created from version 16 (version 17 is the current Live version)

  4. Once you confirm, a new version will be created. This is not yet in Published stage. This is because you might want to go back and change something and then Publish

  5. Now, let’s say you are ready to Publish, simply select it. And then either from the options in ellipses or on the top ribbon, you can Publish this version

Update on App

Upon opening the App, the user will see a message like this

And when you tap on it, the previous version is restored

Pretty easy!!

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Hope this helps!


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