Text Functions in a Flow | Power Automate

As I was looking at some String/Text operations in Flow recently, here’s what I discovered.

Looks like there are a lot more to come, so let’s look at some initial ones.


Find text position

A pretty simple feature to find the position the Search Text starts from in a String.

Here, I’m trying to find where does ‘yes’ in string ‘Priyesh’ starts from in the given text. And the answer was 3. [Text Index starting from 0]

If the text doesn’t exist, the result is -1


Here’s another important Text function called Substring.

This will return the substring with starting index of 3 and the length of the string from the starting character.

In this case, it’ll return the string “yes”

If your Starting Position in Substring is out of the range i.e. exceeding the length of the entire string, you’ll see and error like below stating the issue.
Also, the same error will be displayed if the Length of the Substring chosen falls out of range i.e. the index exceeding end of the string.

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