Pause a Flow using Delay and Delay Until | Power Automate

In some use cases, you want to pause a Flow either by a duration you specify or until the timestamp you specify.

Let’s look at both the ways – Delay and Delay Until in Schedule operation



In a simple application, you can make a Flow wait for a certain duration by using the Delay Action in Time

And I’m selecting a standard 3 min wait
And it will pause the execution until then

And resume the Flow after the Delay duration has been completed

Delay Until

Now, a variation to pausing a Flow until the timestamp you specify is achieved using Delay Until action the timestamp you specify
In my example, I’m using a Timestamp stored in a Time variable and the value is something like below


So, I can use the Delay until action and it accepts a TimeStamp. It accepts ISO8601 format.

And I’ll set a value, which contains my timestamp

In my case, based on the Timestamp stored in my variable, it’ll wait until the below shown time.

And will be completed when the timestamp is hit

And that’s it.

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Hope this helps!!


7 thoughts on “Pause a Flow using Delay and Delay Until | Power Automate

  1. Cool,

    I have tried this feature and it is quite useful. The date format used is consistent with that of Dynamics 365 so that is good when using it in asynchronous operations instead of the old workflows.


  2. Can you delay a Flow until a picklist is changed on the flow or similar. Like, if you had an approval process in place with an auto number generated but you needed to add that auto number to the approval documents. AND then you enrol the flow into the approval process. It wouldn’t be afixed time frame.


      • That would be fantastic. Yeah I saw the Do Until Feature but I couldnt workout the correct way to inplement it into my flow. I’ll keep and eye out for your article. Thanks


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