Convert environments between Production and Sandbox | Power Platform Admin Center [Quick Tip]

In most scenarios, you might need to either –

  1. Convert from Production to Sandbox or
  2. Convert from Sandbox to Production

Converting from Production to Sandbox

  1. Navigate to Power Platform Admin Center’s environments section –
    Select the environment you want to convert (you can even navigate inside this environment)

  2. You’ll be asked for confirmation. It states that any services will be unavailable during this conversion.

  3. Process initiated. It takes a few minutes.

  4. In Progress.

  5. Since there’s no refresh button to show you it’s completed, you’ll have to check back in a few minutes in the same link as above –
    You’ll find that the conversion must’ve been completed by now.

    Similarly, the opposite holds true while converting from Sandbox to Production! Hope this quick tip helps!

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Thank you!


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