Log Canvas Power App telemetry data in Azure Application Insights | Power Apps

Here’s how you can register your Canvas Power App in your Azure’s Application Insights and log telemetry data into Azure.

Some basic info about what all you can see in Application Insights is –

  1. Count of Users who used the app
  2. Events logged, Sessions logged
  3. Device info
  4. Region info

It’s quite simple to set it up! Let’s take a look –

Registering in Application Insights in Azure

First, make sure you do have an Azure Subscription. Let’s look at how you can register an Application Insight record.

  1. Look for Application Insights in Azure in the search bar

  2. Then, among other records, you can register a new one which will identify with your Canvas Power App

  3. Review all that you entered and move ahead

  4. It’ll be deployed pretty quickly within a few minutes unlike some heavy Azure resources

  5. Upon completion, you can navigate to the resource and see the details

    Zoomed In

Add Instrumentation Key to Canvas Power App

Next step is to add the Instrumentation Key to the Canvas Power App

  1. Look for the App itself in the Navigation tree

  2. Once you select that, you can then look at it’s Properties on the right hand side. In Instrumentation Key, paste the Instrumentation Key you copied when you created the App in the Azure.

  3. And to go with that, let’s say my Canvas Power App has some basic structure like below

Using Application Insights

As the users use the Canvas App, the following information is logged –

  1. Navigate to the Usage section in the Application Insights you registered and if you scroll down on the main pane, you can see w

  2. And then scroll down to reveal more Insight data

  3. Or, if you see Events, you can see info like this –

    I’m not completely sure why my users showed high when I tried with only 2 users. But perhaps, once I dive more deeper into using Application Insights and how each of the metrics are read, I’ll come back to update this post. 😊

And likewise, if you know how to read the Application Insights, you can customize this to give you what you need to see.

Here is some Microsoft Documentation on Application Insights to help you out –

  1. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/azure-monitor/app/usage-segmentation

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