Language format for Whole Number field in Dynamics 365 CE

If you create a Whole Number field in Dynamics 365 CE environment, you’ll notice a Format which is available for you to choose i.e. Language among other formats like None, Duration, Time Zone.

Let’s see what the field is and what it stores.


  1. Let’s say you are creating a field on the Contact i.e. Preferred Language.

  2. And, it is represented in the below way – like a Drop Down

  3. Now, if you wonder which all Languages are displayed? Well, the ones which are Enabled for the D365 Organization are displayed in the Drop-down. They simply are set as data and doesn’t affect the record apart from the data value itself.

    So, if you go to the Settings > Languages

    Any other language apart from the Base Language of the Organization which is enabled is considered.

    You’ll find all the Microsoft Locale IDs here:


Now, let’s see what the field stores.

  1. I’ve written a short JS to pick what the field has stored as data. When I debugged, here’s what the field holds.
    It stored

  2. Also, if you try to set data which is not enabled i.e. tried to set Language which is not enabled for your Dynamics 365, you’ll see the below validation error which says that the value is out of the allowed range.

Hope this post was useful!

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Thank you!!


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