Transition effect on Gallery Items when hovered over in a Canvas Power App | [Quick Tip]

While using a Canvas App on Desktop, or when it’s embedded in Dynamics 365 CE, it’s a nice design decision to highlight the Gallery items on which your mouse is pointing on as you navigate/scroll.

Default Behavior

By Default, the Gallery Items remain visually static and don’t show any effect if you move your mouse over the items.

That’s because the Transition effect on the Gallery items is set to None by default.

Transition Effects on Gallery Items [Pop & Push]

As you’ve seen the Default behavior, let’s also look at the 2 effects that are available to us


  1. Select the Gallery and then on the right-hand side, look for Transition field, it’ll be set to None by default. Change it to Pop.

    Now, in Pop, the effect will be as below –


Similarly, like Pop, Push will have the reverse effeect of pressing into the item hovered.

  1. Again, when Gallery is selected, set the Transition to Push in the menu, save the changes and check again.

    The Push effect will be as follows –

Here’s a quick YouTube video for the same –

Hope this was useful!

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Thank you!


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