Admin Center URLs under M365 – Power Platform, Teams, SharePoint, Power BI

Here’s a quick summary of the Admin Center URLs of each of these Dynamics 365 / Power Platform Admin Centers –

All Admin Centers under M365 Admin Centers

Here’s the link to all Admin Center under your O365 tenant based on your subscription and your Role in the tenant –

Power Apps / Power Automate / Power Platform Admin Center (PPAC) / Dynamics 365

Here’s how you can access the Power Platform Admin Center

  1. – It will redirect to –

    From here, you can access the D365 Environments

Power BI Admin Portal

Here’s the URL for the Power BI Admin Portal –

It’ll open up the Admin Portal which looks like this

SharePoint Admin Center

Here’s how you can check the link of the Admin Center for SharePoint –

So basically, https://[domain]

Here, domain is the one that you created while creating the tenant. Example: you didn’t add a custom domain and your domain then look like this in your username admin@[cft158]

And it will look like this –

Teams Admin Center

Here’s a link to the Teams Admin Center and it’ll look like below-

Hope this was useful.

Here are some more D365 / Power Platform Admin related posts which might be helpful –

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Thank you!


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