Comments in Power Platform [Preview] | Power Automate example

Here’s a new feature across Power Platform stack i.e. Power Apps / Power Virtual Agents and Power Automate


Let’s consider an example of a Flow / Power Automate for the Comments

  1. In a Cloud Flow, now you’ll see a Comments (preview) show up.

  2. When you click on it, Comments pane will open up letting you add Comments to the Flow.

  3. And just like in Word, you’ll be able to enter comments for the Flow. These comments are added pertaining to the selected Flow Step or the first Flow Step by default.
    Click on the send button to add the comment.

  4. Now, once a comment is added, a counter/badge of count of comments will appear on the Step the comment is tied to.

  5. As you proceed, multiple users can add their comments to different steps. (Ideally, since I added 2 comments to the second step, both should be highlighted. This could be in preview and in the works). I’ll update this space again as I have more info

  6. Similarly, a thread looks like the one highlighted on the right and if you notice, the Flow Step too will lit up a little to denote which step the comment thread belongs to.
    Also, a comment thread is treated as count of 1.

  7. For each thread, you have the below options per thread/comment.

  8. And if you Resolve a comment/thread, notice that the counter from the Flow Step is discounted/removed and the comment thread is marked with Resolved tag on the top.

    Also, the step it belongs to is highlighted a little and is slightly difficult to identify right away
    Perhaps this behavior could be changed in the future once in GA.

  9. Once a thread is Resolved, it could be Reopened or Deleted as the icons suggest.

Hope this helps!

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Thank you!


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