Use New Scheduled Board for Dynamics 365 Field Service | Personal and Org Level

Now, the New Schedule Board is now in GA. And here’s how you can turn it on for yourself.

Here’s the old one which you have –

Enable New Schedule Board for Yourself

Here’s how you enable the new Schedule Board for Dynamics 365 Field Service

  1. Navigate to the Schedule Board itself like you would do generally. And you’ll find the New Schedule Board button to turn on.

  2. And in a moment, the new Schedule Board is available to you.
    Note that this is only available to you and not for others.

  3. Everyone else will continue to see the old board unless they turn it on themselves.

Enable New Schedule Board for your Org

Now, if you have only enabled the Schedule Board for yourself and after you found it useful and exciting, here’s how you can enable it for the Org as well which is turned off by default –

  1. Navigate to the Resource Scheduling App in your D365 Field Service environment.

  2. In the Resource Scheduling App, you’ll change the Area to Settings as shown in the bottom and then, go to Administration and look for Scheduling Parameters.

  3. Here, you’ll find the setting to turn on the New Schedule Board which is turned off by Default.

  4. You can turn it on and Save the record itself.

  5. After it is turned on, all the Users will see the new Scheduled Board. Also, no will see the toggle to turn it off for themselves since you turned it On for the entire Org.
    The button to toggle between Old and New Schedule Board will be missing.

Here’s the official Microsoft Documentation on the new Schedule Board –

Hope this helps!

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Calendar View for Work Order Bookings in Field Service | Wave 2 2020 Update [Early opt-in]

So here’s a nice improvement to see your Bookable Resource Bookings in a Calendar View as a part of the 2020 Wave 2 Update for Field Service!

Disclaimer: his is a preview feature and is planned, it’s no guarantee that this feature will make it to the final release of Wave 2 Updates.

Pre Requisites

  1. Make sure Wave 2 2020 Updates are available to your either via Early Opt-in or having directly applied to Org if you’re reading this from the future 😊

    Here’s the Microsoft Docs official link for the same –

Switch to Calendar View

Here’s how you can leverage the Calendar View control for the Bookings.

  1. When you are in your Bookable Resource Bookings view, you might not have this view by default. So, you look to switch the view.
    look for Show As option on the ribbon button

  2. Now, you can see that a BookingCalendarControl is available for you to select.

  3. Once your switch, you’ll see the Calendar Control on the view with the Bookings arranged in a Calendar like control
    The default Month view looks like below

  4. You can even switch to look at 2 other views, Week and Day views.

  5. The Day view looks like below

  6. And the week View looks like the below

  7. Selecting the Booking will simply open the record in Dynamics as usual.
  8. And this is how you see it on the phone.

Config Options

To first address the most important question, it’s isn’t enabled by Default.

  1. But, you can make it defaulted on the Web application of Dynamics by changing it at the Entity level as shown below.

  2. These are the Properties that can be configured.

    Hope this was helpful!!

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Change Booking Status colors on Schedule Board for Field Service/PSA [Quick Tip]

Here’s a Quick Tip for everyone using Field Service and Project Service Automation. In case you are wondering how can you change the colors of the Booking Statuses on the Schedule Board for Field Service and PSA, here’s what you need to do.

Default Colors

This what your default Schedule Board looks like out-of-the-box.

Booking Statuses

Booking Status is an entity within which you can set this up.
You can navigate to Booking Statuses entity in your Field Service like below

There are these records you can modify. Also, for PSA, you have the same entity with different records for Booking Statuses
But, let’s look at Field Service’s example –

Now in each record, you can see in Common tab

And you can change by selecting this color picker control

And save the new selected color.

And let’s change for Completed as well, just another example – changed for Completed also to a greenish shade

Updated Colors

Now let’s look at the updated Schedule Board of how these colors look.

Hope this quick tip helps!

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How to add Rating Values to Rating Models in D365 Field Service and PSA

Rating Models and Rating Values are attributed to Bookable Resources in Dynamics 365 PSA and Field Service. Out-of-the-box, there are 3 Rating Values – Familiar, Good & Proficient. But obviously, you want to customize to have your own.

This is a tricky change and this post will exactly describe before you end up doing something wrong.

If you think all you need to do is add a Rating Value to the Rating Model and save, it won’t work


Because when you do this, the Value field is locked and you can’t enter anything and just saving the record with the name of the Rating Value will result in the error as shown below


Update Max Rating on Rating Model

So, the right way to do it is to update the Max Rating Value on the Rating Model record.


As soon as I save the record, see the an additional Rating Value appears. And in fact, these are the new records that were created when you updated the Max Rating Value and not that the old ones were renamed to ‘Enter rating label here…’


Note: You can simply enter the record and update all the Ratings inside to the corresponding values.

What happens to existing Ratings used for Resources?

They are all there but have been deactivated, if you query all the Rating Values as is, you’ll see the ones created due to the change we did above and the ones that already existed were suffixed with “[Inactive]” label. See below –


Well, since these are all the new records created, the old ones are ‘Deactivated‘. What remains with the existing Bookable Resource Characteristics records are the Inactive ones.


To update these, you can do a simple Advanced Find by querying one of the inactive Rating Values and updating them using Bulk Edit to set the new one.

  1. Query the inactive ones
  2. And simply Bulk Edit to update the Inactive ones

By the way, if you want to Bulk Clear and start fresh, you can check my blog on Bulk Clearing fields using Advanced Find here – D365 Quick Tip: Bulk Clear field values

Hope this helps you!


Clean your Schedule Board: Hide Cancelled Bookings

Most times in D365 PSA or Field Service, you schedule something and then cancel due to uncertain work patterns and frequent rescheduling or cancellations.

This leaves your Schedule Board cluttered and often look messy! Something like this –


You have on 2 Projects that you actually have to work with but see a few other cancelled bookings which is just taking space and that info is something you don’t need.

Hide away the Cancelled Bookings

Most often, you don’t really need to know what Bookings you cancelled, so you can just hide those away and make the Schedule Board look cleaner!

  1. Navigate to Scheduler Settings represented by the gear icon.
  2. Look for Hide Canceled under View Settings area and check mark it.
  3. Once you mark it, the Cancelled Bookings will be hidden giving you a cleaner Schedule Board.
  4. And now, your Schedule Books like pretty much sorted.

Hope this quick tip helps!