Flows stuck in Waiting state | Concurrency control and Degree of Parallelism in a Power Automate

In case you are using Flows that triggers frequently and have steps in them your Flows to wait for a response, like Approvals.


Let’s say you have Flows which use Approvals – These need to wait till the recipients respond to the Approval on their Emails

  1. The Flow which is waiting for an Approval response will be in Running state

  2. And if you open them, you’ll see this –

  3. And that makes the other Flow runs after that “Waiting” to even start.

  4. And that’s because the Flow trigger has something called as Concurrency turned on and has a certain Degree of Parallelism set which we’ll see in the section below.

Concurrency Control and Degree of Parallelism

The reason the other Flow runs were waiting because the Flow Trigger had the Concurrency control turned ON and the Degree of Parallelism set to a certain number between 1 to 100

  1. Open settings on the Flow trigger.

  2. You’ll find that the Concurrency is turn ON. And the Degree of Parallelism is set to a certain number.
    The number set is the count of Flow Runs that are allowed to Run at once and others will be waiting.
    In this case, only 1 Flow Run was allowed. Hence, the others were waiting.

  3. You can now try to turn this off.

  4. Now, when you try to turn this OFF and then save the Flow, you’ll see this error message –
    Flow save failed with code ‘CannotDisableTriggerConcurrency’ and message ‘The trigger ‘When_a_row_is_added,_modified_or_deleted’ of current version of workflow ‘fd33f44a-d6ad-4f06-bbf8-a693b316fa31′ has concurrency runtime configuration specified. Trigger concurrency runtime configuration cannot be removed once specified.’

  5. Hence, this has to be taken care at the beginning when you start designing your Flow. Or, you can use Undo to revert till the step when you turned this ON.

  6. When Concurrency control is turned off, Flow runs can continue to run in parallel without limitations or dependency on other Flow runs.

Hope this was useful!

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Thank you!


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