Recommendation in Business Rules in Dynamics 365

Here’s a super-useful feature to describe a field in case the user is not sure if they should manipulate the field in any way or not.

In Dynamics 365 Business Rules, here’s how you can add Recommendations based on the condition selected in the Business Rules.


Here’s the scenario we will use to demonstrate Recommendation –

  1. If my custom field called as “Context” on the Contact entity says – Customer, then, recommend the User to enter a US phone number in Business Phone field.
  2. Also, if the user choses to Apply the Recommendation, the Preferred Method of Contact will also be set to Phone.

Add Recommendation

Here’s how you can add a Recommendation post you condition in a Business Rule.

  1. In Business Rules, let’s say you will first set the condition.
    Here, I’m setting the value to check is Context = Customer

  2. If the Context field is set to Customer, then, show a recommendation. Here’s how you add a Recommendation

  3. Once you add a recommendation, you can set as to what it should point the recommendation to – In my case, I’m pointing to a Business Phone field.
    Now, the field I chose is Business Phone
    The Recommendation Title is the one that will be shown in bold when Recommendation bulb is clicked.
    The Recommendation Details will describe the Recommendation itself.
    Post this, expand the Details to add the Action to take under the Recommendation

  4. Once you apply the Recommendation Properties, it is also mandatory to add an Action – Else, the Business Rule won’t be enabled.
    In action, I want to set the value Email in the field Preferred Method of Contact.

    And the properties on the right hand side are –
    Preferred Method of Contact field to set to Phone

  5. Once all the changes are applied, you can simply Activate the Business Rule and test the same.


Here’s an example –

  1. On Contact, notice the Business Phone field appears like a normal field.
    Notice the Context field says Marketing Only for now, I’ll update this in the next step.

  2. Now, I’ll select Customer

  3. When I do this, a Bulb appears next to Business Phone, click on it.

    When I click on it – The area will show the recommendation with the Title and the Recommendation I entered in the Business Rule step
    [Notice that the Preferred Method of Contact still says ‘Any’]. This will be changed when I click Apply.

  4. And when I click Apply, the Preferred Method of Contact will be set to Phone.

    Hope this was useful!

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