Enable Plug-in Profiler in Settings area in SiteMap in Dynamics 365 | [Quick Tip]

In case you are wondering why Plug-in Profiles under Extensions and Extensions itself don’t appear in your SiteMap because you want to debug from the Persist To Entity option?

But your Settings area still looks like this and don’t see Plugin-Profiles?

Install Plugin Profiler

You’ll need to install Plugin Profiler.

  1. Open Plugin Registration Tool and login to the environment.
    You should see an Install Profiler button. That’s the reason the Profile is not yet installed on the environment and it’s now showing in SiteMap.

  2. Now, when you click on Install Profiler, it’ll install the Profiler to the environment.

  3. Once this is installed, you’ll see it show in the SiteMap in Settings area.

  4. Also, if you notice the Solutions, a Managed Solution would also be installed which will SiteMap (it indicates the update that Plugin Profiles has been added to the SiteMap)

  5. Also, if you Uninstall the Plugin Profiler, the Managed Solution will be removed and also this will take Plug-in Profile off the SiteMap.
  6. Also, there’s another way to remove the Plugin Profiler – Workaround to get Plugin Profiler from the Unified Interface in D365 CE

Hope this was helpful!

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Thank you!


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