Migrate Flow to latest Microsoft Dataverse connector

If you are using the legacy Dataverse connector which has the gray logo and looks like the below.

You can run Flow checker to identify if Power Automate can help you migrate the Flow to utilize the latest connector.

Flow checker message

Here’s what the old Flow looks like –

  1. You would see the below message once Flow Checker suggests you changes –

  2. Once you click on the “Open the migration assistant” link on the suggestion, it’ll pop-up a window to ask if you are ready to allow Migrating the Flow to the latest Dataverse connector.

  3. Once you click on Migrate, it’ll start the migration process and based on how lengthy your flow is – in a few moments your new Flow will be ready.

  4. So, once the migration is completed, you’ll see a message like this.

  5. Once you click on Open the new flow, you’ll notice that the new Flow now has (Migrated) written in.

  6. And once you click on Edit, you’ll see that the Flow step where old Dataverse connector was used has been replaced by the new Connector

Hope this helps!