Get Count of records retrieved in CDS connector in a Flow | Power Automate

In several applications, you need to know how many record were retrieved in the List records Action in a Common Data Service connector in order to take a decision.


Typically, let’s say I know only 1 record should exist in order to take that record forward and do an action. But how do I know when only 1 record was received? That’s when you use Control

Check Count

Now, let’s say you want to want to retrieve Accounts and know how many were returned (Perhaps, you want to proceed only if at least 1 or more were retrieved)

  1. This is my List Records action and I’ve named it as Get All Records.
  2. And just to display how many records are retrieved, I’ll use a variable. Usually, you would use this in condition (which we’ll get to in a bit)
  3. So, in the expressions to set the Variable, under Dynamic Content, I’ll write –
    writeHereand write the below expressioncountactualExpression
    which is set to the variable
  4. And here are the results. I have 101 Accounts

Using it for comparison

This is one of the typical use cases where you want to proceed only if you have at least 1 record –

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Hope this quick tip helps!