Launch URL on a Data Table Text column selection in a Canvas PowerApp | SharePoint Lists

Let’s say you are using SharePoint Lists to populate your Data Table in a Canvas Power App. And you have a Text column which could be typically name of the Website and another column could be a URL.

Now, you want to be able to click the Name of the Website and the selection should take you to the Website itself.


Now, below is the Blog List in SharePoint you are populating your Data Table in a Canvas App with.

Now, I’ll use the above list to populate the Data Table to only show the Title in the Data Table and make the names clickable so that the URL of these Website names should be navigated to when you click them

Data Table column

  1. Firstly, the Names of the Blogs will appear in Plain Text because in SharePoint, this field is of Type plain text.

  2. In order to convert them to hyperlink, select the column as shown below

    And then, on the right hand side in Table Column Properties, turn on the Is hyperlink flag to On

  3. Now, the names will be clickable

Now, these Titles should be clickable and navigate to the URL which is mentioned for each of these Website Names.

OnSelect property and Launch Function

  1. Every Data Table column has an OnSelect property which you can set.

  2. Now, you can use the Launch() function to launch a URL which in this case will launch/open the data from the URL column of the Data Table (which we have not displayed anywhere in the Data Table)

    Now, here’s what the above Formula is set as
    Launch() will accept Text values. The “BlogList Data Table” is the name of the Data Table we are using i.e. the SharePoint List.
    .Selected will consider the Row we will click/select.
    And URL is the name of the column where the URL resides.
    Hence, it’ll Launch the URL we specified again each website name.


When you open the App, and click on the name of the Site

Hope this was useful!!

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Thank you!

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