Dependent OptionSets in a Canvas Power App for 1:N related CDS entities | Power Platform

Most useful scenarios is to create what we commonly call as “Dependent OptionSets” in Dynamics 365 context.


Here, Country and State are 2 entities in CDS. Each Country has N states i.e. Country is a parent entity of State entity.

We’ll create 2 Drop-downs in a Canvas Power App i.e. 2 OptionSets namely Country and State that selection of Country will affect what should be populated in State entity. Simple!

Setting up your Drop-down controls

Let’s see how the drop-downs are set.

  1. Drop-down 1 is populated from Countries entity in CDS (Common Data Service)

  2. For State to be filtered based on the Country, we’ll use Filter() function to show records based on what Country is selected in Drop-down 1.
    For Items of the Dropdown2 control, we’ll write the below formula

    So, the Filter([EntityToPopulate], ‘[LookupFieldNameOfParent]’.[EntityOfParent]) = [DropdownControl].Selected.[GUIDFieldOfParentEntity])
    Sorry, it’s a little rough on the eyes!
  3. And it will give you the below. Select Country first

    select your parent record

    Then, the drop down will populate child records based on the Country. So the States will show up which have lookup to India as Country.

And that was it!

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Hope this helps!!


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