Retrieve Hashtags from Text in a Canvas Power App | Power Platform

Let’s say you want to make a collection of Hashtags used in a certain Text Input control. Here’s how you do it using the HashTags() function in Power Apps.

Let me demonstrate it quickly below!

Using HashTags() function

Now, let’s consider the below scenario where you want to collect the Hastags from a Text Input and later on use business logic on that.

  1. As an example, let me take a Description multi-line text field on the Canvas App and I’ll also take a DataTable to show the collected Hashtags in the same.
    I’ve renamed the Text Input to “Description”

  2. Now, to scan for hashtags and collect them, I’m writing the below formula on the OnChange operation of thee Text Input so that once I finish writing and move the focus away from Text Input, the Formula can scan for Hashtags and populate the collection.

  3. Now, here’s the formula I’ve used to scan the Text (String) for Hashtags present.

    Microsoft Docs Link for HashTags() formula –

    Why ClearCollect instead of Collect? – Because only using Collect will scan the field and add all the hashtags again causing redundancy.

    Why I used Collection? – I could also use this collection elsewhere instead of directly assigning the above formula to the Items of the Data Table. Hence, the preference to use ClearCollect.

  4. Now, from the Data Table perspective, I’m simply populating the Data Table with the Collection [hashtagCollection] as the Data Source and make sure you also add the Result column as well, else, the Data Table will be blank even if the Collection is being populated.


Let’s see how the table will be populated as we Run the App.

  1. Now, I’ve written as Hello #PowerPlatform and moved the focus out of the Text Input, the Data Table (via Collections) is populated with the results.

  2. Again, if I add another Hashtag i.e. #PowerApps, it’ll add to the collection (Basically, erase everything and scan all over again behind the scenes)

To demonstrate this example, I’ve created a YouTube video for the same, kindly check it out!

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