Clear a field value & Reset Form in a Canvas Power App [Quick Tip]

One of the most useful features to provide in a Form Control in a Canvas Power App is the ability to “Clear/Reset a Form” and “Clear a Field value”.

Let’s look at how Power Apps’ existing feature can help you achieve this.

Clear Field

Let’s say Description field is a lengthy field and often times, you want to clear the entire field instead of just backspacing the entire field.

  1. Let’s say Description is a DataCardValue in a typical form. Usually Descriptions are lengthy and need to be cleared if you go wrong. So, every form field value is stored in a data card value field.

  2. On the right hand properties, look for Clear Field option from the list of Text Input properties.

  3. Notice that a X appears on the field when in focus/active. So when you make a mistake in a field, click on it to clear that field.

  4. And it get’s cleared.

    This didn’t work in Multi-Line Text Box. Not sure if it’s a bug or not supported yet. I’ll confirm and update here.

Reset Form

Fairly basic way to clear out an entire form is to use a button to do so.

  1. A suitable approach is to add a ResetForm(<FormName>) function. I’ve put a sample button that denotes a reload/reset logo which I selected from Icons.

  2. Now, let’s say I want to clear this form.

  3. The form will be cleared.

Here’s a short YouTube video I created to demonstrate this –

Hope this quick tip helps!!

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Thank you!


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