Debug Published Canvas Power App with other users using Monitor | Power Platform

At times, users report that they can’t seem to know what’s wrong with their published App and the behavior is said to be unexpected. At times, no direct error is thrown to them but they don’t seem to understand what’s wrong.

Here’s what we can look at and invite them to join a Remote debugging session.

Open Monitor

In your Canvas Power App, you can find Monitor (which is in Preview as I write this post), this will open a new Monitor interface.

  1. Click on the Menu as shown

  2. Alternatively, also from the list of Apps available to you by permission.

  3. Now, when you open it, you’ll be in the Debug interface. In the interface, look for this open to Play Published App

  4. It’ll open the actual App in Play mode in the new tab.
    On the new Tab, you’ll see this message to ask you if you want to Join the session.

  5. Once you click on Join, the App will open with the message on top saying that you’ve joined the debug session.

  6. Let’s say I do a simple data entry operation by select one of the records and trying to modify it.

  7. As you then perform Actions in your App, your operations will be captured in the Monitor for you to review and debug what’s wrong.

  8. Also, if there are any specific errors that occurred, they are highlighted with Red row. You can simply click it and the details will appear on the right.

  9. Error can be investigated as below

  10. You can then investigate and see what was sent and how the payload was etc. and work towards further debugging/investigating it.

Invite Others to Debug session

Also, if you want others to simply look at what’s being captured. You can invite other users to your debugging session by clicking on Invite button

Enter their Email address and they’ll show up in the list. Copy the Link from their row and pass it on to them to join the session. They will be in read only mode and can see what’s captured and look at error details.

They can only watch and not Play the App themselves or invite others. See below

Hope this helps!!

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Thank you!!


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