D365 Admin Center: Instance Picker Link / Power Platform Admin Center | Dynamics 365 Environments

Navigating to the D365 Instance Picker from the O365 or missing D365 Admin Center still a hassle?

Now, as of 2020 and later, the classic Instance Picker has been retired and replaced by the Power Platform Admin Center (PPAC)

New Power Platform Admin Center

Now, you can access the new PPAC or Power Platform Admin Center using this link –

And it’ll take you to the Power Platform Admin Center

Old Instance Picker

Use the below link to directly navigate to the instance picker. Or maybe bookmark the link, perhaps.


Below was how the previous Instance Picker looked for classic Dynamics 365 CRM. But now, the same will be redirected to the new Power Platform Admin Center again. So, both links will take you to the same place.


Remember: You’ll need to have D365 Admin Role to be able to access this page.

Hope this was useful!

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