Join action in Data Operations in Power Automate

One of the commonly used connectors to perform operations in Flow is Data Operations

To describe this action in simpler terms, it is “Joining values in an array with a value”.


Here’s how you can use the Join operation in Power Automate

  1. Look for Data Operations connector in Power Automate.

  2. In Join, you’ll see that you’ll need two fields that takes a source and by what character you want to Join into the String result this Action will output.

  3. Example – I want to Join numbers by a hyphen “-“. Here’s how it can be done.
    Here’s how my From and Join With fields will be populated.

  4. And this will return a String value by joining the items in the array by the value we entered in Join With.

    To be sure this is string, you can click on Show raw outputs and see the results

    Hope this was useful!

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