Primary Key of Activity type entity in a Dataverse connector in Power Automate | Quick Tip

In case it’s your first time creating a Cloud Flow using Dataverse connector and dealing with Primary Key of the Activity Type of entity, here’s a quick tip to keep in mind.

Normal Entity

As a creator for Flow, let’s say you have listed Records of an entity called as Accounts (out-of-the-box), you’ll notice that the name of the entity

Activity Entity

Now, if you try to search for the Name of the Activity entity, it won’t appear as it does for other entities, instead just search “Unique” and you’ll find an entry for Unique identifier of the activity entity –

  1. Name of my Activity entity is ‘Snapshot’, but it doesn’t show up when I search Snapshot.

  2. So instead, just search “Unique” or “Identifier”

  3. On the contrary, out-of-the-box entities have their own names named as Primary Keys

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