Perform a changeset request in Dataverse connector in Power Automate

You must’ve noticed Perform a changeset request in the Dataverse connector in Power Automate.

Purpose of this Action is to perform batch of available Dataverse connector actions successfully or rollback the batch performed inside this changeset request.

Here’s what it does.

Perform a changeset request

Here’s how to use the connector action

  1. Select Perform a changeset request in the Dataverse connector Actions list.

  2. Now, since this works like a batch of operations to perform all actions successfully or “rollback” operations, you’ll see this working like a Scope but only for Dataverse actions.

  3. You have the below Actions available to perform.

  4. Now, let’s design an example changeset batch here.
    First, I’ll create an Account and then a Contact.

  5. When this Flow runs, for example, if the Contact creation fails, the Account creation too will be rollbacked unlike having these steps outside of the “Perform a changeset request” action.

  6. Please note that the Outputs of the Changeset request itself or even within the steps within a changeset request cannot be captured or referred to in Dynamic Content.

Hope this helps!