Tag a User in a Microsoft Teams post made using Power Automate

As Power Automate becomes more of a norm to make Microsoft Teams in a channel, tagging a user is one of the most frequent and obvious asks for Power Automate / Flow developer.

Here’s how you can take a User from Office 365 to a Teams channel.

Let’s look at these straight-forward steps! It’s easy.

Getting a Mention Token

First, let’s create a Mention token. Let’s see how –

  1. In Microsoft Teams connector in Power Automate, look for Get @mention token for a user (preview)

  2. This Action step asks for a User Principal (If you are using an Active Directory) or a User ID which needs to be tagged/mentioned.

  3. Let’s enter an User Principal or User ID here. I’m hardcoding this for visibility, your scenario would vary.

Use Token in a Post to Teams

There are different ways to Post a message to Teams. Let’s see the options.

  1. Below are some options to post a message to Teams

  2. Let’s go with Post a message (v3) (preview) for this example to post a message to Teams.

  3. Finally here’s how your step would end up looking with the Mention tag added in the message to be posted in ex: Open Board Meetings Teams’ General Channel.

Post in Teams

So here’s how the post will look once the Flow is run and the message is posted to Teams

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Thank you!