Read OptionSet Labels from CDS/Dataverse Triggers or Action Steps in a Flow | Power Automate

Retrieving OptionSet Labels from CDS data in a Cloud Flow / Power Automate / Flow is an extra step than just picking from the Dynamic Values. Check this post!!


While working with data that is either a result of a Dataverse Trigger (on Create/Update) or Action like (Get record, list record), the OptionSet fields from CDS/Dataverse return the Values of the OptionSet instead of the Text Labels –

  1. Let’s say this is the OptionSet in Dynamics

  2. And when you pick the OptionSet field from CDS either from an Action or a Trigger like this
    Let’s say I’m capturing this in a variable to show you

    I’m storing this in a variable for this example to show you

  3. I’ll capture the Value of the OptionSet i.e. the Value part

    Result –

  4. What needs to be displayed is the Label of the OptionSet! Let’s see how we can do this –
    1. Triggers
    2. Actions – List records (Inside Loops)
    3. Actions – Get record (Single record)

triggerOutputs() / triggerBody() to read the OptionSet values from Triggers

Let’s see how to read the OptionSet values from CDS Triggers, Create or Update –

  1. When a Flow is triggered using CDS/Dataverse Triggers (I’m using Common Data Service Environment(Current Environment) trigger), you can read the OptionSet value by using triggerOutputs() / triggerBody() function –
    Here’s a triggerBody() example

    Now, notice that the name of the field is cf_accounttype. So, the label in Triggers can be retrieved as _cf_accounttype_label and NOT cf_accounttype.

    Same way, you can also use triggerBody() function instead as well to yield the same result

    Here’s a post on triggerBody() / triggerOutputs() for your reference – Using triggerBody() / triggerOutput() to read CDS trigger metadata attributes in a Flow | Power Automate

items() to read the OptionSet values from Action Step – List Records (Multiple Records)

Let’s look at this example where you are retrieving multiple records using List Records and now, you apply a loop on each of those to read individual records.

  1. Assuming you are using List Records and you loop through the outputs of each of these records

  2. Now, the value is represented by items() function on the Loop that you are in i.e. Apply to each.
    Hence, the function is

    This will show the label of the OptionSet in the results

outputs() to read the OptionSet values from Action Step – Get a record (Single Record)

Similar to items() function, we can use outputs() function to read from the Output’s of the Get a Record Action from Common Data Service (Current Environment)

  1. Get an Account is a ‘Get a record’ Action in CDS/Dataverse Current Environment connector. It’ll only fetch a single record.

  2. Now, let’s look at how outputs() function, similar to items() function used in case of Loops is used.
    Formula is –

    In the above scenario, I’m reading under body hierarchy for cf_accounttype@OData.Community.Display.V1.FormattedValue

Using JSON Parse to get the values

Finally, there’s also a method in which you can create a Parsed JSON from the Outputs

  1. Pick JSON from the Actions, it is under Data Operations connector and is a very popular one.

  2. Now, you’ll need to pass Outputs of the CDS Step to the Inputs of the Parse JSON step. Now, since you don’t already have a schema yet, Just put {} and save (else, you won’t be able to save)

  3. Now, Run the Flow once where the CDS step was successful and copy the Outputs from the Body

  4. Now, go to the same Parse JSON Step and click on Generate from Sample

  5. Now, paste the copied Body to generate the schema.

  6. Once you click OK, the schema will be generated.

  7. Finally, you can select the Parsed schema and use it as Outputs.

    And it will appear as below –

    Again, this will also show the same results as the above approaches.

Hope this helps!

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Thank you!!


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