Office 365 Outlook connector in Cloud Flows showing Invalid Connection error | Power Automate

Office 365 Outlook connector is one of the most required connectors for Cloud Flows since it involves Exchange Online / Outlook services.

At times, all the Connection References work fine elsewhere but in causes issues with Office 365 Outlook and shows error which says ‘Connection not found. Please create a new connection and change your application to use the new connection‘ even when you were able to authentication successfully with/without MFA being enabled.

What could be wrong? See below.

Error for Office 365 Outlook

In Power Automate / Cloud Flow, if you may face this error especially in the Office 365 Outlook connector and using Actions for the same.

  1. For example, I want to use Send Email (V2) Action from the Office 365 Outlook connector, but I see the below error.

  2. If you check for the Connection Reference it is using, even though the credentials are correct and you’ve correctly re-authenticated it several times, it shows as an Invalid Connection


Here’s why this issue occurred –

  1. Go to the User who you are using as a Connection Reference in your Cloud Flow. Look if a Mailbox exists for the user.

  2. Now, assign the User a license which will create a Mailbox / re-assign a license which has Mailbox/Exchange Online service present in it.

    Here’s Microsoft Documentation on which all licenses provide Exchange Online which must be assigned to a User:
    In my example: I use E3, so I’ll assign the same. Depending on your scenario, you must assign a license which has Exchange Online plan on it

  3. Check for Exchange Online service and it should be enabled/selected.

  4. Once a license is assigned, it takes a few minutes for provisioning to complete.

  5. Now, if you try to correct the Invalid connection, it will be accepted and you’ll see this

Hope this helps!

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Thank you!!


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