ChildFlowUnsupportedForInvokerConnections error while using Child Flows [SOLVED] | Power Automate

Often times, if you are using Child Flows and but you see some unexpected while Saving your parent Flows upon adding a Child Flow, which usually look like the below

Assuming, you are aware of using Child Flows and that they can only be created inside a Solution. (Of course, that’s why you could encounter this issue since you’re able to set a Child Flow already 😊)

Reason Issue

Let’s say this is your Child Flow as shown below in Power Automate. It uses a connection for Approvals. (It could be any other connection in your case.)

Now, open Run only users section as shown below

It’ll show that my Approvals connection is relying on Provided by run-only user in Power Automate. To learn more about Run only Users, refer this post –

Now, I switch to Use this connection (<Connector>)

It’ll ask for a confirmation as per below

Once this is set for all respective connections, you’ll have no issues in adding a Child Flow to your parent Flow and saving your parent Flow!

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Hope this quick tip helps!


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