Cancelled Bookings Imported in Time Entries in Dynamics 365 PSA issue | [Quick Tip]

Import Bookings is one of the important features provided by PSA for users to do Time Entries quickly and efficiently!

But out of the box, they also Import Cancelled Bookings!


Now, let’s say we have some Bookings for a Resource and they look like this-

  1. These are the original Bookings for Priyesh on Tuesday and Thursday respectively i.e. 27th and 29th Oct 2020.

  2. Now, let’s cancel the 27th Oct 2020 booking. You can do so by right-clicking and changing the Status to Canceled. Once done, it will look like below –

  3. By default, when Priyesh tries the use the Import Bookings feature in Time Entries, he sees the below Canceled Booking as well.
    It can happen that the one who imports doesn’t recollect about the Canceled Booking and might Import it by mistake.

    To solve this, here’s what we do!

Resource Bookings for Time Entry Import view

So, here’s the view you care for.

  1. Open the Resource Bookings for Time Entry Import view as shown below

  2. In this view, change the Criteria

    The default criteria will look like below –
  3. Add another condition to it on top level i.e. the Booking Resource Booking entity itself for Booking Status field.

    Add this condition

    This should be it. Save and Publish your changes.

Correct Bookings Imported

With that small change, Canceled Bookings will not be imported for Time Entries.

Hope this helps!

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Thank you!


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