Remove ‘This Email has been blocked due to potentially harmful content.’ message in Dynamics 365 Emails | OrgDbSettings utility

It’s annoying to see this message on every email you Track in Dynamics 365 and just how it takes all the critical space on your timeline instead of showing you the actual email message.

Let’s look at how we can disable it using OrgDbSettings tool.

Note: I wouldn’t recommended to do these changes since we are looking to by-pass security flags dictated by Microsoft for your Org. However, if you really need to so, make sure you’ve backed up your Org before proceeding.

OrgDbSettings Editor Tool [Managed Solution]

You can download OrgDbSettings Managed Solution Utility from here –

The link highlighted above is where the Releases are:

Once you download the Managed Solution, import it in your Org

  1. Once Imported in Dynamics, it appears like this in Solutions. Open it up.

  2. In the solution, look for SecuritySettingForEmail. Click once on the row to reveal the Description at the bottom, you’ll see the legends of what each value means.
    It’s defaulted to 1, meaning, you’ll see the warning which is what we want to hide.

  3. Next, double click on the Row and on the 1 which is the Default value as shown below.

  4. It’ll open up a Dialog to set your value of choice. In our case, we can to hide it, so I’ll put the value 3 and click on Update as shown below.

  5. It’ll update in a few seconds and you can refresh and see, the warning will be gone.

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Thank you!!


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