Performance Insights for Model-Driven Apps | [Preview]

One of the important aspects of ‘User Adoption’ is also ensure that the Model-Driven App you’ve designed for your Org’s Users stays optimized and ensures the users get the best of it.

Let’s see how we can utilize Performance Insights to help us optimize our Model-Driven App!

Performance (Preview)

Performance Insights is in Preview and here’s how you can access the same.

  1. Go to

  2. Now, in your Apps below, select the Model-Driven App you want to view Performance metrics of.

  3. Now, once you open, you’ll see the metrics as below

    Let’s understand how you can read these metrics and take actionable actions on the same.

Understanding the Insights

These insights are categorized based on severity. Let’s see which needs your attention the most –

  1. The Insights can be narrowed based on the timeframe of 24 hours, Unfortunately, I have only 1 Date to show in my case.

  2. I recommend paying special attention to the ones with Warning on them

  3. Now, looking at the first one for example is PluginTraceLog which I left ON while I was working on Plugins on this environment in the App.
    So, if I select the first one

    The right hand pane will detail out what the issue is and what Area to focus on.

  4. Also, if you look at the How to improve part, it’ll point you to the Microsoft Docs for the suggested workaround/action.

    It’ll take you to the Microsoft Docs section of the particular issue in question –

  5. In case you have a new environment and didn’t work inside the App significantly for a particular time frame, you’ll see this message.

    Here’s the complete Microsoft Docs article on the detailed Performance Insights for Model-Driven Apps –

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