Identify entities with same names in Dataverse Power Automate connector | [Quick Tip]

Often times, while using Power Automate with Dataverse, you may have come across scenarios where it was difficult to identify the entities with same names.


When trying to pick entities with same names, like Attachments, so we don’t need to guess when you can confirm.

Peek Code

So, you can use Peek Code to take a look at the entity name i.e. the backend name of the entity which you have picked –

  1. Click on the 3 dots on the action, and select Peek Code.

  2. And as you can see, you can identify which entity is selected with the same name. You’ll need to know the correct backend name which you intend to select.


I also suggest this is useful when picking other options elsewhere. Do let me know in the comments below as to where all you applied this. ๐Ÿ˜Š

Hope this was useful!

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Thank you!


2 thoughts on “Identify entities with same names in Dataverse Power Automate connector | [Quick Tip]

  1. I’ve just used this to find the correct field in dynamic data, having two fields with the same display name. Another way to do that is hover over the field in the action. But peek code is the best for choosing the right entity, as you’ve mentioned.


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