Power Platform URLs

If you are having a hard-time keeping track of what URLs to enter / bookmark for everything that you do in Power Platform / Dynamics 365, here’s a post to help you pick and store URLs from the get go

I already have a post where you can find all the Admin Center URLs- Admin Center URLs under M365 – Power Platform, Teams, SharePoint, Power BI

Power Automate

Power Automate URL is being changed from https://flow.microsoft.com/ to https://make.powerautomate.com/ to line up consistently with Power Apps maker environment –
Here’s what you’ll see when you are in Power Automate (you can also see the notification on the top in the screenshot below regarding this change) –

Power Apps

In order to see all the Canvas / Model-Driven Apps, you can navigate to this URL: https://make.powerapps.com/
You’ll be landed here –

Power BI

Once you have the appropriate Power BI license assigned to your user, you can visit Power BI Home using this URL: https://app.powerbi.com/home

Hope this was useful!

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Thank you!


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