FormatDateTime function in a Flow | Power Automate

DateTime fields from Dataverse / Common Data Service (Current Environment) are retrieved in full Date and Time format. And in common applications, you are required to only retrieve the Date and not the Time. Or even Format the Date Time in a certain way.

Let’s look at how to format DateTime in a Flow which appears as below

Let’s look at a simple example by trying to format a Created On date field.

FormatDateTime function

  1. Let’s a take a variable of type String to store our formatted Date. Now, in the variable, go for Functions and look for FormatDateTime function.

  2. Now, it asks for 2 parameters – TimeStamp and Format.

  3. Since I’m picking the field from the trigger itself, I’ll use the below formula to pick from triggerBody().

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  4. In the second parameter, put the format of the date in single quotations as shown below –

    You can follow this official Microsoft documentation –

  5. And your Date Format is set. When you run the Flow, you’ll get the formatted date.

    Hope this was quick and helpful!

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