InvalidWorkflowTriggerName or InvalidWorkflowRunActionName error in saving Cloud Flows | Power Automate Quick Tip

If you are lately started creating Flows, you’ll come across some errors which are not precisely directing to what might be the issue but throw an error that says as below –

For Triggers (InvalidWorkflowTriggerName) –

Run Action (InvalidWorkflowRunActionName) –


The reason you see these errors are because of Invalid Characters which are in your Flow Trigger Step Names or on the Flow Action Step Names.

Invalid Characters in Trigger Names

Invalid Characters in Action Step Name.

Hence, the Step Names shouldn’t contain the below special characters –
< > % & ? / \

Note: Trigger/Step Names can’t end with a Full Stop (.). However, if there’s a Full Stop in between, it’ll work

Hope this was helpful!

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Thank you!


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