Retrieve day number from a Week, Month and Year & day name in Power Automate

At times, while working in Power Automate, you might only want to retrieve the number of Day / Month / Year / Time etc from the DateTime. Or even just the name of the day, given the date.

Here’s a set of functions in Power Automate you can use already!

Day number functions in a Flow

Let’s look at a few examples on how you can retrieve parts of a DateTime –

  1. Let’s use a String variable to store all this content in an on-demand Flow.

  2. And in the Expressions section, look for the day functions.


    All three functions take a DateTime timestamp

  3. Example, for simplicity, I’m only considering utcNow() function to refer to the current DateTime instead of using a DateTime variable.
    So, I’ll first use dayOfMonth() function

  4. And this gives me the day # of the Month which is equal to the Date itself.

  5. dayOfWeek will give me 0 for Sunday, 6 for Saturday.

    Since the day of writing this post is a Sunday, it will give me 0.

  6. And dayOfYear() will give me the day number of the year.

    And today is Day 72 of the year.

    First day of the Year starts with 1. You can use the below function to check the first day of the year in dayOfYear() and it will return 1.

  7. And the result is as below –

  8. I also have a previous version of this post as well which you can refer here – FormatDateTime function in a Flow | Power Automate

Name of the Day

If you want to simply retrieve the Name of the day, you can get it using FormatDateTime function –

  1. So, in other context, I simply used FormatDateTime() function.

  2. And got the below answer –

    You can find complete reference of the DateTime formats used in Power Automate in Microsoft’s official post here –

Hope this was useful!
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Thank you!!


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