Get GUID of the current View in Dynamics 365 CRM JS from ribbon button | Ribbon Workbench

You already know the GUID of a view, nothing surprising. But, you want to get what current view is active. Because at times, you want to compare and return values to a CustomRule based on what view is being set currently!

Let’s take a look!

Passing Parameter to JS function in Ribbon Workbench

Let’s assume the below scenario –

  1. You have a Ribbon button on the Account entity. And it looks like below.

  2. So here’s what you pass to the function that this button will call. No matter where that function is being called i.e. on Press of the button in Command or as a Custom Rule in an Enable Rule. You can pass this parameter called as PrimaryControl (If you are calling your function on selection of a record, you can even use SelectedControl and continue as is)

Reading GUID of the current view in Browser’s Dev Console

Now, let’s say you have a button on the selection of a Row or even on press of the button itself and it calls the function to which you’ve already passed PrimaryControl, here’s how you read it –

  1. Notice that the argument is passed, set a debugger; so that you don’t have to manually set breakpoints.

  2. Now, go to Console, and check this variable in which PrimaryControl is being passed. You’ll notice that _getCurrentView() is available for you

  3. Simply, select it in the function and press enter, you’ll see details inside.

  4. And you can simply read the id like you read an attribute.

Hope this helps!!

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Thank you!!


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