Formatting Approvals’ Details in Cloud Flows | Power Automate

Now, not always Approvals details/description should appear as plain text. In order to enrich the Details of an Approval Adaptive Cards (which you can send as part of standard Approvals provided by Cloud Flows / Power Automate)
In this post, I’ll be looking at an example to format Details for a “Start and wait for an approval” Action step in Power Automate / Cloud Flow

You can enrich the Details so that they appear easy to read and are more meaningful.


Let’s say I receive the below Approval with the Details mentioned as below.

And the Details section as you see appears bland without formatting. Let’s format the same using some Markdown examples.

Markdown Support for Details in Approvals in Cloud Flows

  1. If you select Approvals and notice the Details field, you’ll see a watermark saying that Markdown is supported.

  2. Markdown is a light-weight markup language for formatted text. MS Docs Official Link for all Markdown usage:
  3. Let’s look at how the below plain text can be enriched using Markdown

  4. Now, understanding how Markdown is used from the documentation provided above, you can format the details as below –

  5. And the formatted Details section looks more meaningful and appealing.

Hope this helps!

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Approval Process using Power Automate

Approvals have been around for quite some time now in Power Automate. Let’s look at the simplest example of how we can make use of Approvals in Flow / Power Automate and then you let your imagination and creativity take over!


For the sake of simplicity, I have a custom entity called Request where users submit a Request and the Approval simply has to Approve/Reject.

The Approved/Reject status should be set in Dynamics 365 accordingly. Simple!

Power Automate for Approval

And then, my Power Automate looks like this –

  1. I will trigger this off the CDS connector on create of the Request record and then select Approvals in the next step.
  2. The Type of Approval selection is asked.
  3. And my Approval body is simple, just providing the basic details and whom the Approval request should go to. In this case, Kuldeep Gupta
  4. In the next Condition step, based on whether the Outcome is Approve or not, I’ll simply update the record’s status to either Accepted or Rejected.
  5. If Yes, the following will execute
  6. And if No, then the below

That’s it. Let’s see it in action!

Approval Process

  1. Let’s say Priyesh has created a Request record in Dynamics
  2. As I submit this request, an Email from Power Automate goes out to Kuldeep asking for approval. And right on the email itself, he can chose to Accept/Reject
  3. Let’s say the request was Accepted
  4. The request will be Approved.
  5. And in Dynamics, the status of the record will be changed to Accepted as defined in the conditions.

Hope this quick tutorial helps!