Invalid type. Expected Integer but got Number error in Parse JSON – Error at runtime after generating Schema | Power Automate

If you are using JSON Parse function in Power Automate and are comfortably generating schema from Trigger Outputs (or any Output for that matter), to get the Dynamic Content but end up getting the below error even after generating the Schema by parsing actual data itself?

Let’s look at why this happens.

Scenario / Issue

Now, below is the usual step you follow to generate the schema –

  1. Let’s assume you are reading from the body of the CDS trigger. Again, it could be anything. And you are using Parse JSON and generating schema as below –

  2. And the schema is generated as below –

  3. I’ll point out an exception here. The above Schema was generated from a Schema whose data in decimal had 0.0

  4. Hence, when you generated the Schema from the Data, the Data’s Type was set to “integer

  5. So, when 0.0 passes through the parse, it’s successful because it is interpreted as 0 and not 0.0
  6. Now, when something like 2.5 passes through it, it gives the below error.


  1. Since you can’t be always aware that the data you are using for parsing is an actual Decimal or a Whole Number, so in that case, simply change the Type of the Schema in JSON Parse change to “number

  2. Now, in this case, if you resubmit the same Run again, it will pass through in case there are no other issues.

Hope this helps!!

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Thank you!!