Split On in Power Automate in SharePoint trigger for Item updates

Let’s consider this scenario where you have a SharePoint List and you need to Bulk Edit the same which triggers a Flow.

How would you want to capture the record updates in Flow Runs – Individually? Or all in an Array?

Let’s see how this can be done!

SharePoint Trigger in Power Automate

Let’s see what trigger is being used on which I can choose to have Split On in case of Bulk Update of Item Changes.

  1. In Power Automate, you can search for SharePoint and you’ll find the trigger on which for Item Update in SharePoint.

  2. Now, since I have a List called 2021 Onboarding in my SharePoint in the Site called Data Store Internal

  3. And this Flow will be triggered whenever there’s an Update to the Items on the List I’ve mentioned above.

Split On

Let’s look at what options are available us to toggle between having Split On and Off and what the results are –

  1. Go to the Settings of the Trigger to access the Split On setting toggle.

  2. You’ll see the Split On is set to ON i.e. as per below –

  3. Given that this can be turned ON and OFF, we’ll look at the difference between the two results when you Bulk Edit SharePoint Items which will initiate this trigger.

Example: Split ON

Now, let’s review how having Split On will affect the results.

  1. Now, let’s see Flow Runs are recorded when Split On is set to ON and the Split is on Body/Value

  2. Now, when I modify multiple items in SharePoint, say, the Group Code field in my SP List as below –

  3. Then, there will be 2 different Flow Runs.

  4. Now, if you look at the results, the way these exist per Flow Run is as follows. And for each record, this is the case –

Example: Split OFF

Now, let’s review how having Split OFF will affect the results.

  1. Now, once the Split is OFF and you Bulk Edit the records.

  2. And when you Bulk Edit the List in SharePoint the same way as you did above,

  3. Only 1 Flow Run will be created as shown below –

  4. And, if you open the results, you’ll see the multiple items in the body – value (Array of each record as value in the body) which were modified.

Hope this was useful!

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