Delete App Passwords created by other users in Office 365 | Multi-factor authentication

Now, let’s say you have enabled your users to create their own App Passwords to use in non-browser applications. But, you want to clear the same for a particular user citing there are some security concerns and they needs to be cleared before you start fresh for that user.

Here’s how you can delete App Passwords created for a selected User. Example: Priyesh is a user who has created an App Password since MFA is enforced.

Office 365 Admin Center

In Office 365 Admin Center, go to Users

  1. Once you see all the Active Users, you can simply click on Multi-factor Authentication

  2. Now, you’ll be able to see all the users who use MFA and if they have been enforced and hence, must’ve created their App Passwords. (Only Enforced Users can create app passwords – Allow users to create App Passwords in Office 365 | Multi-factor Authentication)
    Now, let’s select Priyesh’s user settings by selecting the user and then going to Manage User Settings.

  3. In manage Settings for this user, you’ll see the option ‘Delete all existing app passwords generated by the selected user

    Select the same and then Save.

  4. Now, if Priyesh checked the App Passwords / Sign-In (, the App Password would be gone!

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